Customized solutions

Our main goal is to provide customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each project, offering a comprehensive service with absolute control over every instance involved in the process, from bet placement to its distribution, validation and processing.

Right from the contracting process up to the end-user experience, including implementation of technological solutions at the points of sale and use of the equipment, we guarantee stakeholders who have placed their confidence in us that every transaction is carried out in accordance with the highest international standards in security matters.

At B-Gaming S.A. we offer a service that enables the client to have absolute control over each and every stage on the value chain, guaranteeing the transparency, inviolability and confidentiality of the data processing.


Systematized information

  • Bet Placement

    We systematized the processing of 420,000,000 bets placed monthly in over 12,500 points of sale and 14,800 terminals, distributed along a network of 1200 regions located in different provinces.

  • Communication

    We use the largest online network in the country to transport large volumes of information on real time.

  • Processing

    We have 6 primary processing centers plus 3 secondary centers operating on a real-time online mode to cater for 66% of the market volume.

  • 420.000.000

    — bets per month —

  • 12.500

    - points -

  • 14.800

    — terminals —


The world’s most
up-to-date apps

B-Gaming S.A. turnkey service includes:
— Computer Center

Installation of a maximum security computer center configured to perform a redundancy check on the totality of the transactions. Both hardware and software operate as mirrors, each one having two identical equipments that work as permanent backups of each other. These computer centers are in turn directly backed up on a master computer center.

— Communications Center

An exclusive communications center and installation of a special communications network in the area, operating with the same security level as the computer centers.

Antenas VSAT
— VSAT Antenna

Systematization of every point of sale through the installation of communications equipment, VSAT antennas, online and mobile lottery terminals, printers, and all required supplies.

— Secure Software

Communications and Transaction Management software, specifically developed in accordance with international security regulations. Business administration and Transaction management software in accordance with the highest standards on security regulations.



One step ahead, always.

In today’s world, being a successful competitor requires constantly renewing the business. For this reason, we have an area exclusively dedicated to development -the Software Factory and the Quality Assurance departments. Based on market research studies carried out by the commercial marketing areas, our experts set about to design new products and constantly improve already existing ones.

Developed and systematized games


Early morning, morning, evening and night dailies, with four different modalities.

National Lotto Games

Quini 6, Brinco, Loto, Loto5.

Other Games

Electronic lottery ticket, Quiniela Poceada, Tombola


Maximum Safety

B-Gaming identifies the best available apps worldwide in order to build efficient systems.

Striving to guarantee utmost transparency, we use our own technological resources for securely implementing the systematization of the bet placement process, putting the most important real time network in the country entirely at the service of our clients, while also offering digital communication services for carrying large amounts of information.

This in-house infrastructure, equipped with the most advanced technology, positions us as the strategic partner par excellence for those who seek qualified support for complex projects.



A comprehensive solution
for greater contro

We identify the best available apps worldwide in order to build efficient systems, developing an innovative integral solution that centralizes the management of the different gaming platforms (websites, mobile devices and self-service terminals), with a special focus on lotteries and their retail point of sale, incorporating the agents’ network to the goods and services expansion process, thus turning it into a key factor in achieving each platform’s intended goals.


Game process

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Lottery organizations have access to the following tools:

— Central System
It consolidates all the placements, regardless of the channel used.

— Payment System
It manages the accounts of the official agents.

— Audit System
The status and the behaviour of commercial transactions are monitored independently.

— Player’s Account System
It centralizes the state of account, inflows and outflows, wagering expenses and winnings, and account balance, regardless of the channel used. It is responsible for digital payments and a key element in web-based channels.

— Supply of Inputs and Equipment Service
Geographic information service for optimizing the commercial agents’ network.

— Servicio de abastecimiento de insumos y equipos
Supply logistics and input provision. Specific software for supply management. Distribution of promotional materials.

Agents’ networks include:

— Continuous Training

— Traditional Placement System
Bets are placed at the point of sale.

— Mobile Placement System
It supplies online mobile terminals operated by the agents.

— Self-service Terminals
New marketing channel, flexible and interactive.

— Help Desk
We provide comprehensive technical support and answer all queries on our customer service phone numbers, available Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm.