• We are leaders in providing comprehensive technical solutions for the placement, communication, validation and processing of large volumes of information.

  • Technological innovation, continuous improvement of processes, and maximum safety for every operation are at the core of our business.

  • We provide our services to more than 50% of the points of sale for the electronic processing of bets generated on the state-run Lottery institutions.

  • We process over 420 million transactions monthly through our real-time online network with our own teleport.



What is B-gaming?

B-gaming is an Argentinian company with a sound track record as an informatics solutions provider. Our vast experience as industry innovators, our know-how, together with our extensive client portfolio position us as industry leaders in the country.

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Systematized information

Bet Placement

We systematized the processing of 420,000,000 bets placed monthly in over 12,500 points of sale and 14,800 terminals, distributed along a network of 1200 regions located in different provinces.

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We use the largest online network in the country to transport large volumes of information on real time.


We have 6 primary processing centers plus 3 secondary centers operating on a real-time online mode to cater for 66% of the market volume.

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